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chief, did not want to open battle because we were
a small party. Another of my braves, a man of
much mouth and poor counsel,, was arguing that
they should all run up and attack the enemy and
not wait for me to return.

"They did not see me until I came upon them.
Then they looked at me for orders. I told them
to stop their talking and to retire a short distance
that we may hold a war council in safety.

We went back to a small coulee. Then the
brave with much mouth wanted to know why the
brave of good counsel did not want to fight. I
told them that I would answer that question, I
said to them:

c "You are all of distinguished parentage, and I
should not like to take the responsibility in case
any of you are killed. There are only eight of us
against many times that number of the enemy,
Your chief has spoken."

'Then the man of mouth turned to me and said:

* "What did we come here for?   Did we not
come here to fight?    Are you now going to back

* "No, I am not/' I said, "I want you all to die
like braves—fighting, not running away.   And
we shall do that.   Your chief has spoken for the
last time."

'The man of mouth said nothing more; and I
ordered my men to strip themselves for battle,